True nobility is eternal

"At Maison Lanson, we are among those who believe that the most beautiful of all nobilities is that of the spirit;
The one that invites us to act in time and in favor of others.

We believe that beauty, knowledge and culture should be accessible to all,
That it is by sowing these seeds of humanity that we will cultivate a better world.

Since 1760, we have been striving to transmit this nobility of spirit that drives us."

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Lanson champagne bottles

"The nobility of an entity is its eternity."

Leonardo de Vinci

Croix Lanson
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An exceptional nature

Made exclusively from the Grands Crus of Chardonnay from the Côte des Blancs and the Grands Crus of Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims, this vintage wine reveals the beauty of the chalky terroirs of Champagne.


With absolute rigor and respect for tradition, our Cellar Masters have transmitted with passion the art of cultivating great vintages.

The imprint of time

Always in search of the exceptional, our Cellar Masters perpetuate the ancestral vinification method in order to create great vintages that travel gracefully through the years. Shaped by the length of time, each vintage preserves eternal youth.

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Our savoir-faire

Since 1760, our Cellar Masters have been perpetuating traditional Champagne methods, enriched with innovative approaches to preserve the Lanson style.

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